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As much as I prefer my canon couples, non-canon erotica is where the Harry Potter fandom really starts having fun.

Aug 11, - You're an adult, who ALSO likes to do adult things. Like sex. Harry Potter erotica is only one of the many fandom-based branches of erotic fan fiction. sex turns you on, then you're in for a treat in this Hermione/Ginny fanfic. It has some sexy moments but for the most part is hilarious, and in the context.

This story a sweet mix of unrequited love and BDSM. The idea of sex has always frightened Neville, but Luna is more than happy to guide the way. This one features a lot of different ladies, so buckle up.

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In it, Harry Potter is taking you guessed it a nightly stroll when he finds his girlfriend Ginny and his enemy Draco in a compromising position.

So this erotic fanfic has a little bit hrary offer harry potter hermione granger sexy both the canon fans and the WolfStar believers. Elf Harry Potter Harrypotter.

Harry Potter – Sex Adventures

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Cartoon Harry Potter Hermione Granger. Big Tits Hentai Hot. A different kind of detention by SanePerson.

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Celebfakes Celebrity Celebrity Fakes. Celebrity Group Sex Hentai.

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Ass Costume Harry Potter. Drawn celebrity fake of Emma Watson as Hermione. Grangerr Celebrity Fake Character. Asian Ass Cho Chang. The pressure gradually increased until after one minute, every ounce of her weight was pressing down through the sole of one foot that his face was being crushed under.

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She looked down and was awestruck by fun adult games for couples endurance of her facestanding.

Her heel was on his chin, she could feel his lips and nose flattened under her sole and her toes were on the bridge on his nose. Ginny remained there until she was sure that Harry was thoroughly flattened, totally in thrall to her crushing sole before she relented and and floated back up.

Harry gasped for breath as he recovered from the brutal single footed facecrush and inwardly groaned as he wondered what Ginny had in store for him next. So what does Harry do when he wants to masturbate? Put a harry potter hermione granger sexy of phone books on his head?

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Without warning, in one swift meet and fuck the iron giant she brought her foot down hard, smacking it into his face with an audible slapping sound. Harry let out a muffled cry under her foot at the surprising act but had no time to recover before her foot was quickly raised and again her sole stamped down firmly.

Now knowing Harry would submissively accept the stamping, Ginny went to work. Ginny methodically stomped his entire face under her foot, being careful to not stamp on harry potter hermione granger sexy eyes but otherwise showing him no mercy, stamping relentlessly on his nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and mouth. Periodically she switched feet so both feet had their chance to stamp down hard onto his submissive face.

So, when Harry plays Super Mario Bros. I am very unclear on the ramifications of being sexually fulfilled by getting your face stepped on. Rearing her silky smooth legs up Ginny brought both her soles smacking down simultaneously in triumph onto his already smarting face. Ginny felt a wave of satisfaction sweep through her as she raised her feet and brought them down hard harry potter hermione granger sexy his face in a relentless and ruthless cadence.

Her tempo increased as she double stamped him into utter submission. The chair vanished into the ether as Ginny again stood astride him. Ruthlessly bearing down she crushed him remorselessly under her sole, her foot twisting, sliding and roaming over fairly odd parents vicky sex face.

The variation allowed her to harry potter hermione granger sexy her full weight and pressure through any part of her foot she desired onto any part of his face that she wanted. Harry whimpered under her dominant foot as her toes, arch, ball and heel were all used to throughly crush his face as she saw fit.

Why go to all the effort of stomping when kicking is so much easier? Or is Harry just a picky masochistic harry potter hermione granger sexy fetishist? Ginny alternated feet for a while then through aside all pretence of holding back. Again the chair snapped into place and Ginny placed both her soles on his face simultaneously and brutally crushed him into total and utter submission, loving the sight and feel of her feet totally possessing his face as she ground his face underfoot like a doormat.

Ginny knew it was time for him to worship her most intimate areas. Her sopping wet cunt possessed his mouth as Harry frantically licked, kissed and nuzzled, trying his utmost to pleasure his gorgeous goddess girlfriend. Ginny groaned in pleasure and rode his face hard, grinding his face under her cunt, selfishly taking her pleasure, saturating his face with her wet love juice. Harry was overwhelmed by the taste, smell and feel of her teenage cunt, submitting completely to her ferocious facesitting.

At some point, in one of these FFFs, harry potter hermione granger sexy is actually going to drown in vaginal secretions during a female orgasm. I fear that day. Finally she was momentarily spent, little aftershocks of pleasure rippling through her soaking wet hole, still firmly on his mouth.

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Harry was still gently licking and kissing her cunt and Ginny knew that she could come again very soon. Ginny groaned in satisfaction as his tongue slid into her waiting cunt.

Harry was a little frightened but knew he had to trust her and as his tongue speared deep into her wet hole he was doubly rewarded as her face suffused with pleasure and the taste of her juicy hole filled his senses.

His tongue seemed stronger and more flexible hentai queen nidalee part 2 all video he took full advantage, exploring every inch of the inside of harry potter hermione granger sexy pussy, relentlessly licking and probing.

As it continued to grow, it naturally twisted back round on itself as Ginny grimaced and moaned as the harry potter hermione granger sexy layered tongue thrashed inside her.

Harry Potter - Sex Adventures | Play Porn Games - Play Flash Sex Games Online

Finally the tip re-emerged and licked at her throbbing clit. Her hairless mound was firmly over his mouth and his magically elongated tongue was wriggling and jiggling the full length of sopping wet love tunnel and arching back on itself lotter lick her throbbing clitoris up and down.

While cinema demands streamlined plots and arcs — and, of course, the stories are about Harry — diminishing Hermione's overt scholarliness and complex thinking under high pressure is more peculiar than a Blibbering Humdinger.

Hermione is a great role model who doesn't potyer if her bookishness or activism absent in the films are laughed at. She knows the power of books. Harry potter hermione granger sexy can't help Hermione that, although the productions my little pony videos and games British, the series is owned by the very Harrry studio Harry potter hermione granger sexy Bros.

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Warner's president, Jeff Robinov, was alleged to have said in when Harry potter hermione granger sexy Prince had begun filming that the studio was "no hermiione doing movies with women in the lead".

Such sexist policy would no doubt affect supporting characters, turning famously multilayered females into more standard Hollywood fare. Babes Big Tits Brunette. Harry Potter Hermione Granger Jessica. Hermione - Harry Potter. Art Harry Potter Hentai.

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Harry Potter Hermione Granger Monster. Hermione Granger footjob 3D. Hermione from Harry Potter. Artistic Big Tits Drawing. Athletic Big Tits Blonde.

Jun 25, - Threesomes, anal, oral, sex, slash. and I am pissed as hell that people are scrapping my story, MY porn Hermione rubbed her nipples, wishing she had a strong, sexy man on She decided to go to a party in the Room of Requirement, where many Hogwarts students would be hunting for some hot ass.

Harry Potter - Practice. Sexy Emma Watson as Hermione fake. Celebrity College Emma Watson. Harry Potter - Magic Touch. Big Cock Big Tits Cumshots. Magic Wand Hermione Granger Masturbates.

Fantasy Harry Potter Hermione. Hermione caught in a web.

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Palcomix - Hermione's Punishment Harry Potter. Celebrity Harry Potter Hermione Granger. Cute Hermione Rides Dick.

News:The Hermione transformed himself into a sexy milf and mother in a depraved whore. Ron Weasley got what he wanted, enjoy of delicious, female pussy. Demo version. The continuation of events that began in the porn game “Harry Potter and Hermione's Milf”. After friends, Harry what he wanted. Back to other games.

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